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Walsma & Lyons, is a family-owned produce distributor operating out of Grand Rapids, MI since 1955. Our enduring commitment remains unwavering: to support and service our customers while infusing abundant value into every facet of our operations.


As a reliable partner, Walsma & Lyons takes pride in being trustworthy and dependable, irrespective of circumstances.


At the core of our existence, we're guided by these four words:

"How Can We Help?"

Who are We? 

Customized Repack Solutions

We specialize in re-packaging solutions tailored for retailers and food service providers. Our services ensure you receive the exact quantities you need for items you prefer not to stock. Whether you're a retailer seeking flexible inventory options or a food service provider looking to minimize waste and meet specific size or weight requirements, we've got you covered. With our re-pack solutions, you can optimize inventory management, reduce food waste, and maintain control over your brand's offerings.

Inventory Management

Our inventory management solutions specialize in handling items that businesses prefer not to stock in bulk. With a diverse selection of fruits and vegetables, we ensure a continuous flow of products without the need for extensive in-house storage. By providing access to a wide variety of inventory items, we support businesses in maintaining a consistent supply chain while minimizing storage overheads.

How We Can Help

Private Label


Our Private Label offerings are customized to meet the unique needs of our customers. We design programs tailored around specific requirements, managing the entire process from production to distribution. This enables companies to access and stock products that align with their brand identity, all under their own label. With our comprehensive solutions, businesses can expand their product offerings without the burden of manufacturing and packaging, ensuring greater flexibility and brand control.

Our Products

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1280 Terminal Dr SW

Grand Rapids, Mi 49503

Aren't sure what you need?

We'll figure it out. 

Know exactly what you need and want to understand if we're a good fit?

Let's get started. 

Regardless of you and your business needs, we're here to help you figure out any and all questions.  

We Should Talk

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